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November 11, 2017 Oregon Chapter I Gathering
As your humble webmaster, it is not my job or otherwise place to editorialize or make statements necessarily pertaining to Chapter, District or National policy. As a chapter member however, I feel ok lending my opinion so I'm going to.

Due to the nature of my business schedule, I am unable to participate in chapter events nearly as often as I would like. That is disappointing, but it does give me a fairly unique perspective on the evolution of Oregon Chapter I.

I am only able to attend a staff meeting or chapter gathering every few months or so. When I do attend a chapter gathering, I am able to really get a sense of what's been happening, if folks are having fun, if they are enthusiastic and they are getting everything out of being a member of GWRRA they had hoped for. My sense of the situation for some time now has been that they are not.

That is not the fault of anyone in particular, it's just that the chapter (and not just ours) has gotten so involved with doing the business of the chapter that the whole idea behind the chapter "FUN" has taken a bit of a second seat. The folks in the national office recognized this as an issue with most chapters, hence the current restructuring.

I made a point of being at the November 11th Gathering because, I knew the mood of the chapter was about to change for the good. Sure enough, when I rolled up and saw Turkey Bowling (using a frozen Cornish Game Hens instead of a bowling ball) on the sidewalk outside Pappy's Greasy Spoon in Canby at 7:45 in the morning, I knew change was in the wind.

Once we were all gathered in one room and the meeting got under way, you could feel the level of enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge that the leadership of the chapter is in good hands. This is sort of a renaissance for Chapter I and I am already excited for the 2018 riding season to get under way.

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